Mother: School's mistake left 5-year-old girl alone out in cold -

Mother: School's mistake left 5-year-old girl alone out in cold

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( – A Marissa woman said a mix up at her 5-year-old’s school led to her daughter being left alone in the cold.

“She was outside, banging on the door, trying to get in because the bus driver dropped her off,” Jessica Baxley said.

Baxley said her daughter Hayden usually stays for after school care at Marissa Elementary, but when Baxley went to pick her up Friday, she wasn’t there. Instead, Hayden took the bus home.

“They said they were very sorry and that she had a sub today. They thought that’s what must have happened.”

Hayden was only outside for ten minutes. Baxley said she is concerned about what would have happened had she worked her regular hours.

“This was the third time this happened, so I was frustrated. If she’s supposed to be somewhere and I sent a schedule, why is she at home by herself?” Baxley said. “Pay more attention, a 5-year-old cannot be ‘Oh sorry we forgot.’ She’s 5-years-old.”

Marissa School District Superintendent Dr. Kevin Cogdill said he and officials are aware of the situation and are investigating. He admitted there was a "breakdown of communication" and plans to speak with the bus driver, the child’s teacher, and the after school program teachers.


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