Parents rally to reinstate SLPS 'Preschool Teacher of the Year' -

Parents rally to reinstate SLPS 'Preschool Teacher of the Year'

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -- Just weeks after winning the St. Louis Public Schools' honor of Preschool Teacher of the Year, Wilkinson Early Childhood Center teacher Kelly Hahn was placed on leave for an issue some parents call "ludicrous."

"It is mind-blowing, actually. My wife and I are both enraged by the whole situation," said T.J. Gilmor, whose sons have both been taught by Hahn. "She is a fabulous teacher. We couldn't speak more highly of her."

A parent recently sent her 3-year-old child to school in a Pull-up, which is not allowed. Hahn discovered it near the end of the day and called the mother, but there was an allegation of neglect.

"She is one of those people that I would say is the glue that holds Wilkinson together," said PTO President Dana Evans.

The mother of the child involved in the Pull-up incident said her child was not neglected and said the incident was minor.

More than one hundred emails have been sent to the St. Louis Public Schools Superintendent in support of Hahn.

Superintendent Dr. Kelvin Adams spoke at Humboldt Elementary on Thursday night, but would not comment on the situation, calling it a personnel issue.

Parents went to Thursday night's meeting to speak their minds on the situation and let the Superintendent hear their point of view.

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