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Hillsboro residents: City refusing to plow our street

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HILLSBORO (KMOV.com) - Residents of Mary Will Drive in Hillsboro are claiming city hall is holding off plowing the snow from their street to force them to accept changes to their street that they don't want.

"I don't think it's fair because we pay our taxes which is for streets and schools and everything," resident Rita Baker told News 4

Mary Will Drive has been a private street since the subdivision where it's located was built in the 1980s. Residents claim the city used to plow the street, but a little over a decade ago residents took over the job. Currently, many of those residents are elderly and say they need the city's help again. They claim the city wants control of the street to convert it from a dead end to through street, and is refusing to plow it until residents give up control. 

"I don't think they should hold that over us because they want the street open," said resident Carrie Brod.

News 4 took residents' concerns to Hillsboro City Hall and was told residents have the wrong perception of the situation.

"We have no desire to even take over that street," City Administrator Gery Marmaduke told News 4. 

Marmaduke added that despite what a previous city administrator may have done, Hillsboro can't plow Mary Will Drive because it would be wrong to use tax dollars on a private street

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