Kirkwood School Board considers placing tax hike on ballot -

Kirkwood School Board considers placing tax hike on ballot

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KIRKWOOD, Mo. ( -- The Kirkwood School Board is considering what would be the district's first tax in 10 years to avoid cutting security and to keep class sizes small.

Kirkwood Superintendent Dr. Tom Williams said he wants to get a lot of input and hear from residents in response to the proposed cuts. He does want residents to consider, however, that revenue in the district has stayed flat despite a 15 percent increase in students.

Steven Brickler, a Kirkwood High School graduate, said he and his coworkers at One 19 North Tapas and Wine Bar in Kirkwood support the school and would probably be in support of a tax hike

"As long as it's not going toward something we don't need," Brickler said.

Across the street at The Rusted Chandelier, Diann Bosworth said business is good and they love being in Kirkwood. Bosworth acknowledged that strong schools are a part of the success of the community but said if the school board goes over budget, they should be wiser about how they are spending tax dollars.

"The expenditures are outpacing our revenue," said Dr. Williams, explaining the need for the tax increase. “(Cuts to) everything would be on the table... our primary priority is small class sizes. Security and safety is a high priority so that would be one of the last things we would cut."

The district will conduct phone and community surveys on the potential tax cuts next week.

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