Authorities looking for Barnhart burglary suspect -

Authorities looking for Barnhart burglary suspect

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By Shawn Campbell By Shawn Campbell

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo.-  A neighborhood in Barnhart, Mo. is on edge after an attempt to break into a home early Monday morning. 

Residents of a subdivision off of Route M and Caitlin Rd. are being asked to be on the lookout for a burglar that tried to break into a home Monday. It's not yet clear if the man thought everyone was asleep in the home or if he knew the family was home and intended on hurting someone. 

One of the residents at the home was in the basement when she heard something upstairs. 

The girl walked up the stairs and into the kitchen to find a burglar who had pulled the screen off the kitchen window and began entering the house through it. The burglar was about halfway through when the girl saw him. 

The girl screamed as loud as she could when she saw the man and he slipped out of the house and ran away.

The burglar did, however, leave his fingerprints behind and the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department says they will run the prints and see if they match anyone law enforcement has been in contact with. 

Authorities say there's always a danger that a burglar might hurt someone if they're confronted after breaking into a home. 

The only description authorities have of the burglar is that he's a thin white male, but sheriff's investigators are hoping that his fingerprints will be the key to catching him before he breaks into another home. 

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