Proposal would add e-cigarettes to Illinois smoking ban -

Proposal would add e-cigarettes to Illinois smoking ban

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By Ryan Storz By Ryan Storz

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- Smokers who favor electronic cigarettes could be pushed outside under an Illinois lawmaker's proposal.

The (Springfield) State Journal Register reports a bill from state Rep. Kathleen Willis would put e-cigarettes under the same law that restricts smoking inside public places across the state.

There is currently a statewide ban on secondhand smoke from cigarettes in public places.

The Democrat from suburban Addison says she suspects the vapor from e-cigarettes will prove to be just as dangerous as secondhand smoke and wants Illinois to avoid repeating a mistake by waiting on a ban.

Vapor shop owner Michael Stevenson is well aware of the bill currently on the table in Illinois and believes it could have a negative impact on his business. 

"I think a lot more research needs to be done before they can cast judgement on what this actually does," said Stevenson. "As far as we know, this is the best thing for the people that are trying to stop smoking."

The city of Chicago has already banned the use of electronic cigarettes in public. Rep. Willis believes the bill will be assigned to a committee within the next couple of days. 

Scientific studies have not reached a consensus on the the long-term health risks of the use of e-cigarettes. The devices are marketed as a safer alternative to smoking and work by heating oil mixed with nicotine into an inhalable vapor.

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