Some St. Charles Co. towns require cars parked on streets be mov -

Some St. Charles Co. towns require cars parked on streets be moved for plows

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( – Some cities in St. Charles County require drivers who park on the street to move their cars when there is enough snow that requires plowing. Those who do not comply could receive a ticket or be towed.

Both O’Fallon and Wentzville have “snow emergency” laws where the driver of a car parked on the street could receive a ticket, or the vehicle may be towed if it is not moved off the street. The goal is to give the plows more room.

One O’Fallon resident told News 4 he understands why the rules are in place. O’Fallon has 700 miles of roads and 1100 cul-de-sacs.

“It’s a big deal to them. It makes their job a lot more difficult and it is hazard for them at night,” Nick Zotti said.

A Wentzville man who is earning extra money by shoveling driveways and sidewalks said many in Wentzville did not move their cars.

“It doesn’t look like it. I’ve seen about 10 cars on the street, even on my block,” Donald Blackmon said.

Wentzville has more than 12 plows covering nearly 360 miles of roads.  The city put out a robo-call Sunday night alerting drivers to move their cars off the street.

“It absolutely makes a huge difference,” said Douglas Lee, Wentzville’s Assistant Director of Public Works. “When the plows are able to get right to curb line and push the snow out of the street, it helps them get through there. If you have more than one car parked on the street at a time they’re usually on opposite sides of street. It could get to the point where those trucks aren’t able to get through at all.”

Wentzville said a driver who has to block a sidewalk in order to get their car off the street will not be given a ticket.

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