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Divorcees can now celebrate Valentine's Day too

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LAKE LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - While many will celebrate love this Valentine's Day, there's a way for those going through a tough time in the love department to celebrate, too.

Machine Guns Vegas is offering a new package for those that are heartbroken or scorned - for $500, they can now gun down their wedding or relationship memorabilia with their wedding party.

Machine Guns Vegas first got the idea a year ago when a woman walked in with her wedding dress.

"She was like I wanna shoot this thing," said Machine Guns Vegas general manager Melissa Cordero. "(She said) I just got divorced and it was ugly. It obviously provided them with some form of release."

It's a catharsis that they now hope to share with new divorcees.

They can come in with four other people to share a machine gun, an MP5 and M4.

The approximate one-hour shindig also includes access to their VIP lounge, complimentary transportation and a divorce sash.

Cordero says it's just one way to say "I'm going to move on,” or “I hate you and I'm gonna shoot up this dress."

They ask anyone interested not to bring in pictures and there is absolutely no drinking on the range.

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