Mechanics claim insurance companies encouraging cheap repairs -

Mechanics claim insurance companies encouraging cheap repairs

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

( – More than 500 body shops across the nation, including one in Missouri, have joined a lawsuit claiming insurance companies are demanding mechanics use inferior parts.

“The more money you save the insurance company, the more cars they’re going to send to your shop,” said Concord Auto Body Owner Dominic Salamone. He says certain car parts are made in Taiwan and duplicated to look like a factory part. “[If it] shorted out, it could have burnt the car with a family in it. So it’s a safety issue.”

The insurance companies named in the lawsuit deny putting pressure on car repair shops to do bad business. In reference to the lawsuit, State Farm Insurance issued a statement to CNN saying, “Our customers choose where their vehicles are going to be repaired. We provide information about our select service program, while at the same time, making it clear that they can select which shop will do the work.”

“I’ve lost a lot of business fighting this cause, and luckily, I can afford to do it. I’ve been here 38 years,” Salamone said. “It’s a point. It’s for standing up for what’s right.”

Concord Auto Body and other auto repair shops provide information to customers of their rights about choosing any body shop.

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