Former St. Charles County cop pleads guilty to stealing and tamp -

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Former St. Charles County cop pleads guilty to stealing and tampering with evidence

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By Shawn Campbell By Shawn Campbell

ST. CHARLES, Mo. ( - According to the St. Charles County Police Department, Officer Matthew Howze has pleaded guilty with felony stealing and tampering with physical evidence on Thursday. 

An internal investigation and search of Howze's home uncovered a variety of stolen property. Police say that they staged a car parked on the side of the road near Defiance. He pleaded guilty to stealing a camera, a drill, sunglasses and other items from the parked car, while he was on duty.

Howze, 38, was a nearly ten-year veteran of the department and is a resident of Bowling Green, Mo. 

"I will not tolerate an employee who does not uphold the professional and ethical standards of out department," said St. Charles County Police Chief David Todd in a release. "This officer engaged in activity which has resulted in him being charged with two felonies, and in taking these actions, eh also endangered the public trust in this department." 

Howze has left the force when he was charged. He will be sentenced in May.

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