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Police find two fugitives after clearing out homeless camp in Holly Hills

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

HOLLY HILLS, Mo. (KMOV.com) – Police say they found two fugitives living in a homeless camp near a home in Holly Hills.

“I was concerned for my safety,” said Lena May, the owner of a home near the homeless camp. May said she had to practically beg city officials to clear out the encampment near Carondelet Park. She says she first noticed a tent outside her home on Sunday. She called police who said they couldn’t find anybody near her house.

“Monday rolls around and I call the Citizens' Service Bureau and was directed to the park department,” May said. “[The] park department told me it could take a couple weeks.” After jumping between departments, she was able to get help after calling her Alderman, Tom Villa.

As police and park rangers cleared out the camp, they found two fugitives, a 51-year-old man wanted on a felony charge in St. Genevieve County and a woman wanted for larceny. May believes the homeless problem in the area is increasing.

“There has been prostitution, drug deals, people going into garages and alleys at night,” May said. “It’s becoming a bigger problem.”

However, police are busy with crime throughout the city, so the answer to the homeless problem is not a simple one.

“In a perfect world, do I want to see more policemen? Yes, I do,” said Alderman Villa. “The mayor says he wants 160. We have to figure out a way to pay for it.”

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