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Woman accused of falsifying road rage report at Chesterfield gas station

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(KMOV.com) – Police said surveillance footage proves a woman who said she was the victim of road rage at Chesterfield gas station made the story up.

Police said the video shows the incident in question occurred very close to a pump at a Shell Station. In the footage, a man driving a silver SUV almost backs up into another car. The driver of the other vehicle, a woman, gets out and shouts at the driver of the SUV. Moments later the SUV driver gets out of his car.

“There was a cursing match and then she claimed he struck her,” said Captain Steve Lewis with Chesterfield Police.

Lewis told News 4 the woman accused the man of striking her hard on her cheek bone. Police said a day after she leveled the accusation, authorities examined the video.

“The video clearly verified that she was not struck. At no time did the subject even come close to her,” Lewis said.

Lewis believes the woman lied because she was afraid of the consequences for her actions.  Police said they were suspicious of her story before they saw the surveillance footage because she had no apparent injuries to her face.

The woman has received a summons to appear in Chesterfield Municipal Court for filing a false police report.

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