Tornado sirens inexplicably go off in Herculaneum -

Tornado sirens inexplicably go off in Herculaneum

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

HERCULANEUM, Mo. ( – Officials are unsure what caused tornado sirens in Herculaneum to go off Tuesday night.

Around 9:00 p.m., residents said they heard the sirens blare, and their volume go up and down several times. There was not a storm nearby and officials said nobody pushed a button to set the sirens off. The sirens are operated out of the Pevely Police Department. Both Herculaneum and Pevely use the same system, but sirens did not go off in Pevely.

“We checked with the siren company to see if there was problem,” said Pevely Police Chief Ron Weeks, who started investigating why the sirens went off.  Weeks told News 4 the controls to the system require an operator to log in and follow several steps before the sirens can go off. Weeks believes they could not go off accidentally and said it appears nobody tampered with the sirens.

“Freak thing, first time it’s ever happened,” Weeks said. “It has been reliable.”

Some residents are concerned the siren system may not work when it is actually needed.

“It doesn’t bode well if there was an issue, an emergency,” said Herculaneum resident Janell Harris.

Officials said they will monitor the sirens and continue to conduct monthly tests.

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