Graffiti, arrests and altercations mark Monday demonstration in -

Graffiti, arrests and altercations mark Monday demonstration in Ferguson

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FERGUSON, Mo. ( – Protesters and police are differing over what happened when the two sides clashed outside the Ferguson Police Department Monday night.

Several protesters gathered because it was the six-month anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting. Cell phone video shows chalked graffiti on the police department’s parking lot, photos also show chalked messages targeting a specific officer.

“It’s hurtful because that officer is a very good individual and he’s trying to do his job,” said Captain Dan DeCarli with Ferguson police.

Police said they responded to 30-50 demonstrators who they say were defacing a new police building.

“We don’t mind peaceful protesting but when they start damaging property that’s when it goes a little too far,” DeCarli said.

Demonstrators told News 4 police were the ones who went too far. Heather De Main, who was livestreaming the protest while sitting in a wheelchair, was arrested and charged with assault and failure to obey. She believes police were out of line in way they treated her.

“I was on the sidewalk trying to film people being arrested in the Andy Wurm lot and the next thing I know, I’m on the ground,” De Main said.

DeCarli said he was not at the demonstration and could not comment on De Main’s arrest. Three other protesters were arrested for alleged disorderly conduct and property damage for the graffiti.

“Its chalk, it washes right off, it isn’t spray paint. It isn’t permanent in any way,” De Main said.

DeCarli said even though chalk was used, police considered the graffiti to be property damage because it was written on a police department building.

Firefighters said they were able to wash away chalk painted on the Ferguson Police Department’s parking lot, but needed to call additional crews from the Department of Public Works to wash chalk off the building.?

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