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Washington, Mo. residents concerned about recent armed robberies

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(KMOV.com) – Residents in Washington said they are concerned about two armed robberies that occurred just four days apart, a rarity for the Franklin County town.

Friday night, surveillance cameras captured a man in a ski mask robbing a Little Caesars restaurant. Monday, cameras also caught a suspect robbing Fischer’s Food Shop. A man with a gun, wearing a ski mask and hoodie, walked in, demanded money and threatened to shoot the employees inside.

“For shock value, he said ‘you better comply, or I’ll hurt you,” said Washington Police Chief Kenneth Hahn.

Customers at Wimpy’s Sandwich Shop said they are on edge because Washington has very little violent crime.

“That’s serious stuff. We’re not used to that kind of crime,” Jeremiah Ditch, a resident said.

Authorities said the suspect in the Little Caesar’s robbery was wearing a hoodie with distinctive stripes that may help them identify him. Police do not believe the two robberies are linked, but are concerned.

“We are not used to having armed robberies in our community. Unfortunately with the scourge of drugs and especially heroin recently, they seem to be on the increase,” Hahn said.

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