Firearms and drugs found in convicted felon's car -

Firearms and drugs found in convicted felon's car

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By Shawn Campbell By Shawn Campbell

WARREN COUNTY, Mo.  ( -- Convicted felon, John Zuranski, 51, was arrested early in the morning of Feb. 4 after Warren County deputies allegedly discovered three firearms and drugs inside the vehicle he was driving.

According to court documents, a burglary was reported at a residence on Bluff Ridge Road. Zuranski was identified as a suspect. He was later stopped while driving on Highway T.

Deputies said Zuranski was wearing a double-shoulder pistol holder that contained three gun magazines.  

During a search of his vehicle, three firearms were located, along with multiple ziplock bags that allegedly contained methamphetamine and capsules that had tested positive for cocaine.

Zuranski, of Defiance, was charged with two felony counts for drug possession and one count for unlawful use of a firearm.

Zuranski's was found guilty in February 1990 for the criminal sale of a firearm in New York, according to the probable cause statement. 

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