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Feldman: Would the Rams take a QB in the top 10?

(KMOV.com) -- In football, especially the NFL, it’s pretty clear.  You’re as good as your quarterback.  For every Trent Dilfer leading the 2000 Ravens to the Super Bowl there are 10 Tom Brady’s doing the same thing.  If you want to win the big prize you need a stud QB.

Thus, the big question for the Rams.  Is Sam Bradford that guy?  Well, whether you think he has the talent or not, unfortunately there’s another question that goes along with it.  Can Bradford stay healthy enough to even have the chance to be a star?  If you look at his track record not just in the NFL but also in college at Oklahoma you can’t take his durability for granted. 

Those are two gigantic questions which have to be answered yes for the Rams to avoid bringing in another quarterback.  And since head coach Jeff Fisher has already said another QB will be brought in from outside the building to compete next season you obviously know what he thinks.

The big question then becomes: where does this new guy come from?  Is it free agency?  A trade?  The draft?

This is a brutal year for quarterbacks in free agency.  There’s an argument to be made Cleveland’s Brian Hoyer is the best one out there.  Heck, there’s an argument Shaun Hill is the best one out there.  Simply put, good QBs are not allowed to reach free agency.  They’re locked up.  That’s true regardless of whether they start or not. 

If someone reaches the free agent market it’s usually because of some sort of injury (i.e. Drew Brees and his shoulder a decade ago).

Good quarterback play is about the most valuable asset a team can possess.

Trade?  Eh.  It’s the same thing.  Teams don’t just trade away good quarterbacks.  Those Nick Foles to the Rams rumors appear to be just that.  Rumors.  No way Philadelphia gift wraps him to St. Louis simply for a draft pick.

This leaves the draft.  Now this is interesting, because while you can get a very good talent most QBs need at least a year to learn the pro game.  And considering Jeff Fisher has won just 20 games in three seasons with the Rams he probably doesn’t want his Sam Bradford insurance to be a rookie, even a top pick.

But you have to bring in someone and a rookie draft pick might be the best bet.

That way you know you have two elite talents at the most critical position in the game.  One is more polished having been in the league but you just don’t know if he’s healthy.  The other would be an unproven kid out of college but at least he’d be healthy (you’d hope).

I doubt the Rams end up trading up into the top five for either Oregon’s Marcus Mariota or Florida State’s Jameis Winston.  But if one of them falls out of the top five into the six or seven range I definitely can see Fisher moving up the board to get him.

The Rams are the youngest team in the league.  That’s largely due to the bevy of picks they got in the Robert Griffin III trade three years ago.  Now would be the time to package picks up for a quarterback.  Again, one would have to fall out of the top five for that to happen.  But if it does, I believe the Rams would take advantage of that.

But that’s just me.

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