St. Louis Alderman wants to demolish hundreds of vacant building -

St. Louis Alderman wants to demolish hundreds of vacant buildings in north St. Louis

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By Stephanie Baumer By Stephanie Baumer

ST. LOUIS ( – A St. Louis Alderman is hoping demolish hundreds of rundown buildings in north St. Louis.

Alderman Sam Moore says he has almost 1,242 buildings that need to be torn down in his ward alone.

When driving down Interstate 70, hundreds of rundown buildings can be seen off the side of the roadway.

“When you come into St. Louis, beautiful sight arch in downtown just drive another 2 miles and look at downtown,” Alderman Moore told News 4. “You would think you are in Iraq. We live like were the Flintstones ‘yaba daba doo,’ but we are not having a gay old time.”

Alderman Moore says the vacant homes in his area are attracting criminals.

The Alderman says each year the 27th Ward gets $190,000 to bring down old buildings, but the average building costs $10,000. Due to the cost, only 28 comes are demolished each year. Alderman Moore says it is not enough to make a difference.

“What they tell me ‘Alderman Moore pick out 28 buildings that you want to tear down,’ like finding a needle in the haystack every year I tear down 28 buildings. You get 49 years by that time 12 more will be needed,” Moore said.

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