Charges dropped against man the Mo. prison system forgot -

Charges dropped against man the Mo. prison system forgot

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce announced Thursday that a second degree robbery charge filed against Cornealious Anderson will be dropped. 

Anderson was charged in connection with a November 16, 2014 robbery in which a woman alleged that he dragged her down a street and took her purse near the White Castle on South Broadway.

According to a press release, the victim, as well as another witness, identified Anderson as the perpetrator in the robbery, but after interviewing other witnesses and gathering surveillance video from area businesses, the investigation revealed questions regarding the procedures by which the victim and witness identified Anderson.

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"We are duty-bound to protect the rights of all," said Circuit Attorney Joyce in the release. "We will use every legal tool available to ensure that the correct person is charged with the correct crime. If we ever learn of information casting reasonable doubt in a case, we immediately dismiss charges as we did in this matter." 

Police said they were making an honest effort throughout the investigation. Anderson's attorney said police need to make changes so the same of sort of thing does not happen again.

"I would like to see additional training," Anderson's lawyer said. "I would like to see some policies changed and I'd like to see better practices so these situations can be avoided and police don't have to arrest innocent people."

Anderson was freed in 2014 by a judge after he was forgotten about in the prison system for 13 years after being convicted of robbing a Burger King in 1999. Judge Terry Brown declared that Anderson's 4,794 days free counted as time served. 


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