Former corrections officer charged with having sexual contact wi -

Former corrections officer charged with having sexual contact with inmate

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

( – Investigators say a corrections officer may go to jail after she allegedly had sex with an inmate and smuggled cell phones to him.

Ciara Jones, 28, worked at the City Justice Center in downtown St. Louis, a place where people accused of some of the more serious crimes are held. She allegedly had sex three times with a man who was identified in court documents as “A.Y” in early 2014. His full identity has not been disclosed. She also has been accused of bringing "A.Y" two cell phones and a tool, which he used to tamper with an intercom and hide the phone.

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“There is always a danger with an inmate having a cell phone because the inmate could use it for illegal purposes,” said Rachel Smith, the Chief Prosecutor for the Community Affairs Bureau. “[They could] reach out and facilitate the harassment of victims.”

However, this kind of incident is not uncommon at the City Justice Center. A similar incident to this one happened in 2012 when another corrections officer was accused of having sex with an inmate. In another case, two other officers were accused of setting up a fight between inmates at the workhouse. In these cases, the corrections officers each pleaded guilty and were all given probation.

Officials with the city’s Public Safety Department promised to make changes in 2012.

The current Public Safety Director says the corrections division is trying to ensure officers are signing in for their rounds and their locations to prevent further incidents like these.

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“You’re asking ‘Can we keep an eye on every individual in a facility for 24 hours every minute?’ The answer is no,” Smith said. “There are times and there are places people can be pulled off to the side at any given time. That’s why we are doing a much better job of eliminating those opportunities.”

Smith said they were alerted to this particular case from Justice Center employees which prompted an investigation. Charges in the case were filed this week.

According to authorities, Jones has admitted to the charges.

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