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Police concerned about recent car break-ins in Alton

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

(KMOV.com) – Police said they are concerned about an increasing number of car break-ins in Alton.

Since Saturday, there have been around 12 car break-ins around the city. Nine cars were broken into over the course of the weekend. Three cars were broken into on Monday, including two that had their locks punched out.

One man had his recently purchased 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix stolen at Alton Square Mall on Monday. He was at the mall to eat lunch and said he kept his car locked.

“We went in and came back out 15 minutes later and the car was gone,” said William Rogosky.

Rogosky, who works at a doughnut shop, said he had no way to get to work.

“It’s hard to find someone to take you back and forth to work,” Rogosky said. “You work your butt off and make money to go buy something with the money you worked hard for and it comes up missing.”

Rogosky is still hoping the car will be found. Anyone with information on any of the break-ins is asked to call police. 

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