Fourth of July Cocktails -

Fourth of July Cocktails

Adult Beverage Moment Brought to you By Pearl Vodka

Roxane's Flaming Fire and Ice Martini
1.5oz Pearl Blueberrry
1.0oz Coconut Rum
1.0oz Pineapple Juice
.5oz Grenadine

With .25oz of blue curaco, drizzle down the inside of the glass to create a float on the base of the martini glass.  Garnish with lemon wheel soaked in 151 Rum and light on fire!

Roxane's Pomegranate & Ginger Martini
1.5oz Pearl Pomegranate Vodka
.50oz Pama Liquere
.25oz Ginger Simple Syrup
Shake with ice and strain, serve up in a martini glass garnished with a raw Sugar Rim

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