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Ryan Franklin Finally Released

It was just a matter of time until the Cardinals released former closer Ryan Franklin, and today was that day. 

It isn’t a surprise the Redbirds said ‘adios’ to the former All-Star; they had no choice. Franklin blew four save opportunities in five chances to start the year, and it seemed every time he stepped on the field he would get crushed.  
I’m not sure what else to say other than, it’s baseball, he’s 38 years old, this kind of stuff happens. A player can’t be good forever, and eventually you’re going to lose you’re good stuff; I have to say I’m surprised his drop off happened so quickly. 
I hope Cardinal Nation handles the news with class. You are regarded as the ‘best fans in baseball,’ so please don’t trash this guy too hard. Don’t get me wrong, a person making over $3 million a year, should be darn good at their job, and there’s no debating Ryan Franklin was far from ‘darn good’ or ‘good’ for that matter this season, but he wasn’t completely terrible during his entire tenure with the Birds. In 2009, Franklin was an All-Star. He recorded 38 saves and posted a 1.92 ERA. 
The Cardinals did the right thing by finally parting ways with Franklin but it couldn’t have been easy for anyone in the Cardinal family, especially Tony La Russa, and the players themselves. Frankie is regarded as a great teammate and he was always accessible and courteous to us (media). Professional sports is a demanding, pressure-packed, fickle, business where it all comes down to results, and this season boasting an ERA near 8.50, Franklin flat out didn’t have ‘it,’ and might not ever find ‘it’ again.

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