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Dispute over refrigerator instillation has woman outraged

BALLWIN, Mo. (KMOV) – A customer service nightmare effected one News 4 viewer after a careless Sears appliance installation led to a water leak in her home that nobody will take the blame for. 

Cheryl Colatruglio originally bought the refrigerator that led to a water leak in her home in late January of this year. She told News 4's Marc Cox that she had bought it from Sears because it was a national chain and she paid them to install it to ensure it was done correctly. 
However, in early April, Colatruglio noticed a water leak that was caused by the instillation of the refrigerator’s water line. The water line started a slow link but eventually caused major floor and wall damage. 
It wasn’t until this incident that Sears told Colatruglio that the instillation of her refrigerator was done by a sub-contractor. Sears blamed the incident on the sub-contractor and told her that their insurance would not cover the damage.
Colatruglio said that she has made hours of calls to the store and has yet to find somebody to take the blame for the incident. 
News 4’s Marc Cox got in contact with a Sears Public Relations Official and asked what is being done about the situation. The official told him in an e-mail that the store is working with the customer care team to determine what will be done.

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