Fourth of July Crafts -

Fourth of July Crafts

Flying Fireworks CD Spinner
Soda Can Tab            
Permanent Markers

Decorate CD with stickers and markers. Insert soda tab tightly into the middle. Then spin to make your colors fly like fireworks.
Spark in Fireworks Game
Small plastic Soda Bottle             
2 Coffee Filters          
Pipe Cleaner                                 
Pony Beads                
Craft Knife                

Have an adult cut the top of the bottle off about 3 inches from the top. 
Using markers decorate the coffee filters with a lot of color.  Cut about 1-inch fringe cuts around the outside of each coffee filter.  Stack coffee filters and then twist in middle to make a flower shape. 
Twist a pipe cleaner around end of twisted coffee filter and then thread the long of the pipe cleaners through the large opening of the bottle top.  Then wrap pipe cleaner around the cap spout and secure so the coffee filters are in place. 
Make a star or spark shape with foam about 1- 1 ½ wide and decorate.  Make two holes a in the middle of the foam spark.  With a 15-inch piece of yarn, tie one end to the pipe cleaner that is wrapped around the bottleneck.  Thread the other end of the yarn through one hole of spark, then string 2-3 pony beads on yarn.  Finally, put the sting in the other hole and tie to the long end holding the spark and beans in place. 
Have fun!  Flip the spark up to see if you can get it to land on the fireworks.
Independence Day Pull Down Popper
Cardboard Tube               
Curling Ribbon                                   
Small Toys/Candy                       
Tissue Paper   
Cardboard Pony Beads                            
Duct/Packing Tape

Make two hold across from each other about ½ inches from the top.  String a piece of yarn in one hole then out the other.  Tie the two ends together.  This is how you will hang the Goodie Drop. 
Trace the diameter of the tube, cut out and make a small hole in the middle.  Pick one end to be the top.  Cut a piece of tissue paper about ½ inches larger than cardboard circle.  Place the circle on the bottom of the cylinder and tape one side, so it opens like a trap door.  String yarn through whole of circle and tie a pony bead on the end so it does not slip through.  Make a small hold in center of tissue paper square then string the end of yarn through it and pull up to circle.  Close circle trap door and tape tissue paper around the cylinder to hold close. 
Tape curling ribbon around the bottom edge of tube.  Cover container or tube with paper and decorate.  Make a flag or firework decoration with paper and tape to the bottom of yarn. 
Depending on the thickness of your tissue paper, you may need to perforate the tissue paper in a couple places so the trap door opens when the yarn is pulled.
Fill the open end of tube with confetti and goodies and hang.  When the time is right, ask all the kids to pull their yarn piece at the same time and enjoy the goodies flying down.

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