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Lesson learned: Always pay parking lot fee collection boxes

(KMOV) —  A high school baseball player learned a good lesson in parking downtown: pay at a parking lot's fee collection box.

Brian Brookes won a spot to play at Busch Stadium Monday night on the high school all-star team. He pitched two innings, then found that his truck was not in the lot after the game. 

Brookes, who parked in the S&H parking lot right outside Busch, did not realize he had to insert money inside the collection box to park.
S&H towed his truck a mile and a half away from the stadium through St. Louis Metropolitan Towing, the same company a manager and owners pleaded guilty to federal fraud and tax evasion charges in 2008. 
Brookes tried to retrieve his truck Monday night but was told to come back on Tuesday, adding $25 more to his already $255 towing bill.
The cost of the tow was only $100, but with other miscellaneous fees, the total came to be $280.
Brookes’ mother would have liked for her son to get a ticket instead of a hefty towing bill.
The Attorney General’s office says there are no regulations to how much tow companies can charge in towing and storage.

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