Senior citizen stunned when dating-service bill tops $8,000 -

Senior citizen stunned when dating-service bill tops $8,000

DENTON -- Life has been lonely lately for Deniece Stubblefield, 72.

"My husband died almost two years ago, and I get lonesome sitting here by myself day in and day out," Stubblefield said.

She saw a sign in Denton recently that just said "Single?" and had a web address underneath. Ms. Stubblefield decided to give it a try.

However, pricing was the problem.

"Well, I like to have had a heart attack," Stubblefield said.

The senior citizen said Great Expectations misled her on how much the service would cost.

"To us that looks like $79.95, and then plus tax," said Stubblefield's daughter, Tina Joiner. "She was thinking $84."

Turns out, it was 100 times that -- more than $8,000.

"Well that's a lot of money, since she's a widow and doesn't work, y'know, she's retired," Joiner said.

The price isn't printed on the agreement, it's hand-written. Still, $8,409 is clear on the credit card receipt.

"She held her arm over it until I signed it," Stubblefield said.

Great Expectations agreed this might have been a miscommunication or misunderstanding. The company said it even offered Stubblefield a partial refund and tried to settle with her, but she refused.

"In addition to signing the Agreement, she initialed the portion of her Agreement which states that it is binding and non-cancellable," Great Expectations told News 8. "We are proud of our program and stand ready to help her use the services she purchased from our company."

Stubblefield insists it's more than she ever intended to pay. For now, she plans on sticking to sewing, canning, and cards, hoping they help lessen the loneliness in her life.


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