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With Hostess closing, box of 10 Twinkies listed on eBay for $500

ST. LOUIS – Just as snack cake maker Hostess announced its plans to go out of business Friday morning, people turned to eBay with boxed Twinkies, looking to make a quick buck.

One listing offered up 10 Twinkies for $500 on Friday morning. Others were listed at a "more affordable” $100. At last check, none of the auctions had any bids.

Hostess said Friday morning it would lay off its 18,500 workers after a nationwide strike crippled its ability to deliver its products. Those products include not only Twinkies but also Ding Dongs, Ho Ho’s and Wonder Bread.

Earlier this week, Hostess permanently closed three bakeries - including one in St. Louis - following a nationwide strike by its bakers union.

Hostess said it will continue to operate for a few days to sell off baked products that have already been made.

A New York Times business analyst reports, however, it’s not likely the Twinkie (and your other favorite Hostess treats) will just disappear forever. There’s still value to the recipe, so at the very least someone else will probably step in and buy the name and the rights to the snack cakes.

How much would you cough up for the last Twinkie in the world?

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