Cardinals put 'St. Louis' on 2013 alternate uniform -

Cardinals put 'St. Louis' on 2013 alternate uniform

ST. LOUIS (BaseballSTL) -- The St. Louis Cardinals unveiled a new alternate home jersey for the 2013 season at a press conference Friday morning.  It is the first major update to the team’s look since 1998.

The new uniforms will be worn during Saturday home games and feature “St. Louis” rather than “Cardinals” on the front.  It will mark the first time since 1932 that the city name appears on the front of the team’s jersey.

The jersey and matching pants feature an off-white color, red piping and player number on the front.

“We are excited about the new uniforms,” said Cardinals President Bill DeWitt III. “We think the design improvements will be popular with both players and fans—particularly the addition of the alternate jersey on home Saturdays.”

All Cardinals jerseys – home, road and alternate – will feature more detail in the embroidery, consistent with the logo used by the club since 1998. Jerseys will also have more details in the birds and smaller numbers on front.

In addition to the changes in jerseys, the Cardinals will wear red caps with their road uniforms, while the blue cap will stay as a road alternate.

Fans can purchase the jersey at the Cardinals Official Team Store. The store will be the exclusive sellers of the jersey through Thanksgiving.

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