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Homeowner struggling to get answers following blast project

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

KIRKWOOD, Mo. (KMOV) -- Late this summer, Jane Yount says she noticed cracks appearing in the ceilings and walls of her Kirkwood home.  Some cracks were previously repaired and reappeared.  Others, she says, were new.  Yount lives on Big Bend, about 800 feet from the I-270 blast site, where crews were blasting away at a rock wall in order to widen I-270 over the summer.

Yount questioned whether the blasting had anything to do with the cracks. 

"They inspected houses about 500 feet within the blasting and they stopped two houses short of mine," said Yount.  So, she called MoDOT and the agency referred her to the contractor, Fred Weber Inc.  Yount says she made multiple phone calls, but got few answers.

"She said we'll get back to you.  I waited about two and a half weeks and there was no phone call back
and  I called again but she said we're just really busy," said Yount.

Thursday afternoon, Fred Weber's CEO told News 4 the company monitored the blasting and even within around 200 feet of the blast site, the vibrations fell below levels that would cause damage.  Doug Weible says the company launched a formal investigation into Yount's complaint and would review her concerns.  She should expect a letter in the mail next week, according to the company. 

MoDOT also said it would also follow up with Yount.  Spokesperson Kara Price says homeowners should send a letter to MoDOT's risk management department, detailing any concerns. 

Yount says that's all she wanted:  a promise that someone would look at her claim, "I just wanted an inspection because I'm not an expert.  I don't know if it was the drought, if it was the drought combined with the blasting.  I just wanted an inspection to know what's going on."

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