Vaughn: Hoping Tebow plays against Rams -

Vaughn: Hoping Tebow plays against Rams

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- I’m hoping Tim Tebow gets to play against the Rams this Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome for one reason: he’s entertaining.


There’s probably never been a professional athlete with middle-of-the-pack talent or less become more of a lightning rod of controversy.

Last year, Tebow was named the country’s most popular professional athlete. You know you’re popular when your name becomes a verb. Millions of people now “Tebow” on a regular basis. Whether he’s good enough to be a starting quarterback for any team or not, I like watching Tebow play.

The NFL is more entertaining when he’s right in the middle of the action, and leading one of those dramatic fourth-quarter comebacks we saw last season in Denver.

Despite all the noise you hear out of the Jets camp, it’s not likely that team will make a quarterback change for Sunday’s game against the Rams.

Mark Sanchez is still their starter, and Tebow is expected to spend most of his Sunday on the bench. Many football experts contend that Tebow isn’t an NFL-quality passer, and that the bench is right where he belongs. But there’s no denying the guy has a track record for winning football games.

As the starter for 14 games last year in Denver, he led the Broncos to a playoff spot and a first-round win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tebow had a less-than-stellar quarterback rating of 72.9, and completed just 46.5 percent of his passes. He threw 12 touchdown passes and only six interceptions. By comparison, Sam Bradford had a quarterback rating of 70.5, and completed 53.5 percent of his throws.

But Bradford (in 10 games) threw just six touchdown passes and was also intercepted six times. The numbers are fairly similar, but if anything, Tebow had the better season. Yet you still hear the majority of NFL analysts say that Tebow has no future as an NFL quarterback, and that Bradford is destined for stardom. Maybe so. Hopefully so, for the Rams sake.

Whether he’s got the potential to be a quality starting quarterback or not, the game is simply more entertaining when Tebow is on the field.

The New York Jets are going nowhere this year. Right now they’re 3-6. What have they got to lose by playing Tebow at this point? If he plays and does well, maybe they’ve found a better alternative to Mark Sanchez.

If Tebow plays and does poorly, maybe that’ll silenced all the critics who think he’s better than Sanchez. Tebow has gotten very little playing time at quarterback this season, but when he’s been in he’s done pretty well. He’s completed five of the six passes he’s attempted. There’s no denying he brings a certain energy to his team.  I hope he gets in early against the Rams. I just like watching him play. He makes the game more entertaining.


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