Veteran St. Louis officer says theres racism in departments -

Veteran St. Louis officer says theres racism in departments

(KMOV) - A veteran St. Louis police officer dropped a bomb shell Monday, saying there is blatant racism in the departments, and there's nothing being done about it.

Late Monday afternoon, the department released a statement. However, the statement doesn't address any of Officer Eddie Simmons' claims specifically, but it does say that the department is devoted to a harassment and discrimination-free workplace.

Officer Eddie Simmons said he didn't want to have to air the department’s dirty laundry

"A white sergeant assigned to the housing authority division told a black officer 'I can train a monkey to burn up gas, what I need is an intelligent officer," Simmons recounts.

Aside from his role as an officer, Simmons serves as the president of the Ethical Society of Police.

Simmons says he reached out to the media Monday because he can't get an appointment to talk to police Chief Dan Isom.

"We would not be in the room today if I was allowed to see the chief," he said.

Simmons told the media about a list of complaints. He said officers have had monkeys and bananas left on squad cars, and in a few instances, ranking officers have made racist comments at crime scenes.

Simmons said he is not expecting special treatment because the chief is African-American. He just wants to be heard.

Simmons wants a face to face meeting with Chief Isom, policy changes in internal affairs, and a guarantee that serious complaints will go straight to the police board of commissoners.

The department's statement also said that the department recently formed a diversity council to deal with issues like these.

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