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Phone Call From Jamaica

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Phone calls have been coming from Jamaica, to the St. Louis metropolitan area lately. Did you get one? Callers aren't inviting you to visit Jamaica's beaches or to take a Caribbean cruise. Several residents of Bethalto, Illinois have received the calls which claim to have good news. But don't let 'em fool you, these calls are nothing but bad news.

The callers claim to be notifying you that you've won a lottery. The only problem is that it's illegal for citizens of the United States to play a foreign lottery. The caller will tell you that you need to send some money to cover taxes and fees before you can receive your winnings. That's one of the classic tactics of a scammer.

If you've won a legitimate drawing or lottery of any kind, you won't have to fork over money to claim your winnings. These kinds of scams often come in the mail, too. Don't be fooled! The Bethalto Police Department has more information on this Jamaican lottery scam.


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