Attorney's Comments Draw Criticsm -

Attorney's Comments Draw Criticsm

A St. Peters attorney is drawing a lot of criticism.  His client is a Lake Saint Louis woman who was intoxicated with a .20 blood alcohol content when her infant son suffocated in the same bed.  It was mid-November and Alyssa Rae Potter was asleep (says the attorney....passed out says the prosecutor) in her bed.  Her six-week-old son suffocated.  The attorney was asked about the child endangerment charge and was quoted on as saying "I don't care if she was stoned, drunk and had a 0.40 alcohol content.  This is absurd.  You can drink all you want and be a parent."

The comments quickly drew fire.  The last time I checked the website there were 120 comments on the story.  Most of them were negative.  People unleashed their fury on attorney Wayne Schoeneberg.  The defense is---basically---yes, she was drunk.  Yes, she has the right to drink.  You have no evidence that she rolled over in a drunken stupor and suffocated her child.  Children die of SIDS and other causes.  That doesn't mean Potter is guilty.

Potter has other infractions involving alcohol.  She has three drunk driving convictions and her license was suspended for ten years.

We ran a poll on and asked people if they thought Potter should be charged with a felony.  The overwhelming majority said yes.

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