Life changes in an instant -

Life changes in an instant

This is one morning two  people will never forget.  Others will remember, too, but not as strongly as the two I have in mind.  One is a 17 year old man who has been arrested several times... for DUI, possession of marijuana, etc.  Not good, of course, but not the worst of crimes either.  The other is a Sheriff's Deputy for Jefferson County... a husband and father.  This morning their world's intersected.

Corporal Gerald Williams was searching a shed looking for stolen guns and 17 year old suspect, Zachary Ryan Walck.    The crimes he was wanted for this time had escalated.  Armed criminal action for a robbery, and the burglary of dozens of guns.  Williams did not know Walck was armed and inside.  Walck pointed the gunat the officer, they struggled and the gun went off striking Williams.  Luckily, he was hit in the wrist and was treated and released.  Another officer shot Walck twice in the chest.  He went to surgery.  He will face serious charges, and serious jail time now.

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