Creve Coeur City Council considers ordinance to allow alcohol in city parks by permit -

Creve Coeur City Council considers ordinance to allow alcohol in city parks by permit

Alcohol is currently banned in most parks in the City of Creve Coeur. An ordinance adopted in 1987 specifically bans alcohol in Beirne Park, Lake School Park, Conway Park and Malcolm Terrace Park. After this ordinance was adopted, the city opened LaVerne Collins Park and Millennium Park, neither of which is covered by this ordinance.

Millennium Park is home to the historic Tappmeyer House, open to the public by rental for special events, at which alcohol can be served. City officials are now considering whether alcohol restrictions should be applied in Millennium Park as well as if and how alcohol restrictions that exist in other city parks should be modified to better address community interests.
A survey of neighboring cities found that most (including Ballwin, Chesterfield, Clayton, Des Peres, Maryland Heights and Town & Country) do not restrict alcohol in city parks. One city, Kirkwood, allows alcohol is city parks by permit only. Each city was asked if it had experienced significant problems relating to alcohol consumption in city parks. None of the cities reported that they were aware of any problems.
Creve Coeur is considering several options:
Allow only less-intoxicating alcohol in city parks, such as beer and wine.
Allow all alcohol in city parks, including liquor.
Allow alcohol in city parks only in conjunction with pavilion rentals. Pavilions are currently only available for rental at Millennium Park and Beirne Park.
Expand the existing ban of all alcohol in certain city parks to cover all city parks, including Millennium Park, with the exception to alcohol consumed at events at the Tappmeyer House.
Regardless of how park alcohol restrictions are modified in Creve Coeur, the city intends to prohibit glass containers in all parks with the exception of glass containers inside of the Tappmeyer House in Millennium Park.


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