Brentwood residents upset about MoDOT construction mess -

Brentwood residents upset about MoDOT construction mess

(KMOV) - Some Brentwood residents wants to know why a construction mess continues to sit near their homes, seven weeks after the new section of I-64/Highway 40 opened.

Brentwood resident Caiti Clark trys to ignore it. "I don't really notice it any more," she says.

Greg Murphy, though couldn't ignore the mess anymore, so he sent an e-mail to News 4 asking for help.

Murphy wants to know why Gateway Constructors got a bonus for getting the highway open ahead of schedule, when there still is construction trash to pick up.

"We certainly have not forgotten about it." said Linda Wilson of MoDOT

Wilson says the state of Missouri owns the land, and that the reason the trash remains is because construction is not complete.

"They still have items of work left to do and some things that they can not finish until the weather warms up again," says Wilson.

According to the contract, Gateway Constructors has until July 31st to get the landscaping, painting and striping done.

Wilson says if all goes as planned, the lot will be empty soon. "We will be cleaning that yard out," she says. "They are in the process of doing it now and it should be completely cleaned out by sometime in March."

Once the lot is clean, the state plans to sell the land.

The entire Interstate 64 project is projected to be completed in May.


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