North Face v. South Butt coming to a federal courthouse near you -

North Face v. South Butt coming to a federal courthouse near you

I'm sure this is very serious business for The North Face and The South Butt but I couldn't help but chuckle inside when I saw the defense attorney's kids walk in the courtroom deck out in South Butt gear with their mom sitting a few feet from their dad.  Jimmy Winkleman's parents (Jimmy the South Butt creator is in college and was not in court) were also there wearing South Butt gear.

All that happened in court was the judge set an April 12th date to start hearing this case.  In the meantime he told both sides to pick a mediator and sit down and see what if anything they can agree on or work out.  North Face attorneys gave the impression in court that would be an exercise in futility.  But the South Butt attorney relishes the opportunity. 

After the court proceeding I asked both attorneys what might be accomplished in mediation.  The North Face attorney politely declined comment.  I got the impression that would be the case for a while.  The South Butt attorney likes the camera just fine and stopped to talk about it.


 Al Watkins said, "There are elements of this case that could give rise to North Face understanding and appreciating that what Jimmy Winkleman is doing is good for the North Face. Sometimes that takes a little bit of time and attention by both parties to move together and that's what we hope to accomplish."

I asked Watkins for clarification. "You want to convince them this is a good thing for North Face?"

"Well we all know it's a good thing for North Face if they handle it properly.  Thus far The North Face has handled it improperly."

This could be fun to watch... If it's not already.



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