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A View Inside Haiti

      Talking with Dr. Charles Gulas at Maryville University certainly brought for me a unique perspective of what is going on inside Haiti.

     Gulas was in Deschappelles, Haiti.  He tells me it's about a two and a half hour drive north of Port au Prince.  The hospital, Hospital Albert Schweitzer, was among the few hospitals left standing in the area and with a working operating room.  

    He says it's custom in Haiti for family members to take care of relatives in the hospital, so it wasn't unusal to see bed linens hanging on the trees outside after family members washed them.  They also came to feed them and help them stay comfortable even though there were few pain killers.

    He also told me the hospital did get a shipment of supplies on Sunday.  They're getting supplies anywhere they can, from the US, Canada, Europe and countries in the Carribbean.


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