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O'Fallon police find new way to fight crime

Landlords in O’Fallon, Illinois may soon find themselves have to pay rental fees to the city if a proposed program is passed. 

The program is called the Crime Free Rental Housing Program.  Its purpose is to be another crime fighting tool the city can use.  According to O’Fallon’s Police Chief, his officers are six times more likely to respond to a call at a rental unit rather than a property that is owned. 

Under the program, property owners would be expected to pay $50 for each unit that they own.  The money collected would go to increase police patrols in the area, property owner crime prevention training, and inspections.  I’m told there are 3,500 rental units in O’Fallon; so the city stands to collect $175,000 dollars.

Several property owners told News 4 they understood the purpose of the program but believe it will cost them too much money.

Before its official, the ordinance must go through a second reading.


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