Jefferson County residents upset about backyard hole -

Jefferson County residents upset about backyard hole

(KMOV) - Some Jefferson County residents are trying to get answers about a large gorge being carved in their back yards.

A homeowner from the Emerald Pointe Subdivision near Imperial. Stormwater runoff from a nearby Castle Pointe Subdivision is forming a river when it rains, leaving behind a 5 foot deep hole in resident's backyards. They told us calls to the developer and the county had so far yielded no answers.

"But somebody was lazy in the plans," says homeowner Don Cortinas. "And didn't push the line further down. They pushed it right here...And covered it up with rocks saying...Let me absorb the punishment, you know... "

Martin Toma, the head of Jefferson County's stormwater department, says the new subdivision meets county standards, so he is powerless to fix the problem in Emerald Pointe. He believes the homeowner's association in Castle Pointe may bear responsibility.


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