Job fair attendees leave feeling underwhelmed -

Job fair attendees leave feeling underwhelmed

(KMOV) - Many hopeful workers filled the Lodge Hotel and Banquet Center near Lambert Airport Tuesday.

Unfortunately, a lot of the applicants who attended the job fair found that the long wait to get in was not worth it.

Patty Love is one was disappointed to find that less than half the advertised employers were here.

"For a job fair I was expecting more companies to be available," Love says.

"I'm in the construction field and there aren't a lot of jobs...It was somewhat disappointing," said Kerry Johnson, another job seeker.

There wasn't much of an explanation from event organizers for why many companies were a no-show.

"We're not putting out any hoax or false advertising, we're not responsible for what the companies do," says Rebecka Lyman of

Disappointment aside, there was no lack of desire for employment.

Another applicant said he had been encouraged to pre register that would lead to an interview at the fair, which never happened.


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