Coroner forms Madison County Elder Abuse-Fatality Review Team -

Coroner forms Madison County Elder Abuse-Fatality Review Team

Madison County Coroner Stephen P. Nonn is announcing the implementation of the Madison County Elder Abuse - Fatality Review Team. The team - being the first in the metro-east area and the second statewide - is an interagency, multi-disciplinary group of professionals from the fields of law enforcement, social services, law, and health care brought together under the auspices of the Illinois Department of Aging. 

The team’s mission is the review of any case involving alleged or suspected abuse, neglect, self- neglect, or financial exploitation of the elderly. “We see this team as having two primary benefits. First and foremost several sets of eyes are looking at a case with each individual viewing it from a different perspective”, said Nonn. “Second, it serves as a remarkable information gathering tool that enables us to discover gaps in the system and services provided for our senior population”, he added.
Kane County, Illinois was the first in the state to form such a team and it has met with success. With a population of 260,000 with 13 percent of those residents being over the age of 65, Nonn recognized that Madison County’s demographic suggested that such a team could play an important role here. “The elderly are a vulnerable part of our society. They are easy victims to prey upon, and unfortunately sometimes they are victimized by the people they should be able to trust the most”, Coroner Nonn stated. 
The team held its organizational meeting on October 27, 2009 with its first case review on January 26, 2010.
The Elder Abuse Fatality Review Team members are as follows:
Chairman Richard Schardan
Chief of Police
Village of Maryville
Co-Chairperson Susan Jensen
Assistant State’s Attorney
Madison County, Illinois
Team Coordinator Kelly R. Rogers
Chief Deputy Coroner
Madison County Coroner’s Office
Stephen Nonn
Madison County Coroner
Captain Brad Wells
Chief of Detectives
Madison County Sheriff’s Department
Director Toni Corona
Madison County Health Department
Dr. Jeff Arendell, DO
Emergency Department Physician
Gateway Regional Medical Center
Dr. Christopher Cruz, MD
Emergency Department Physician
Anderson Hospital
Teva Shirley
Southwest Illinois Visiting Nurses Association
Lisa Phillipson
Hospice of Southern Illinois
Barb Brown, RN
Director of Nursing
Eden Village Retirement Community
Dr. Lisa Nowak, MD
Medical Director
Hospice of Southern Illinois


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