Live in the Metro-East? There could be cash waiting for you -

Live in the Metro-East? There could be cash waiting for you

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

The idea of covering a Cash Dash made me want to wear clothes with lots of pockets.  Unfortunately, it wasn't that kind of event.

Still a profitable one for some.  The Illinois State Treasurer's office (like that in all states) is responsible for trying to find the rightful owners of milliions of dollars in forgotten money.  Today a couple of guys from the treasurer's office were at O'Fallon City Hall where people could stop by and have them check and see how much, if any of their money was sitting in state custody.

One woman had a couple thousand dollars in five accounts she and her husband had forgotten about.   It's not uncommon.  People move from state to state and forget about bank accounts and retirement accounts from long ago.  After five years, the banks or companies or whoever, has to turn over that left behind money to the state and the state has to try to get it back into the rightful owner's hands.

I talked to another woman who after talking to a representative found out she had about $100 coming her way.  She was laughing about the small sum of money.  I told her, that's not bad for five minutes of her time.  She agreed.

To check and see if you have money waiting in Illinois click on  In Missouri, check out

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