Kirkwood Mediation Agreement Draws Criticism -

Kirkwood Mediation Agreement Draws Criticism


Last week there was a signing ceremony in Kirkwood to accept the Mediation plan. It was hammered out by city and community leaders in the wake of the Cookie Thornton murders at City Hall. The US Department of Justice helped develop the agreement. It includes a pledge to make the Kirkwood Human Rights Commission more active and to help the police department expand its efforts to relieve racial tensions within Kirkwood.

But some are saying tonight that the mediation agreement is a whitewash. They say it should be thrown out and the process should be started over. Next Monday night (Feb. 1) there will be a meeting of the Meacham Park Neighborhood Improvement Association to get input on the agreement. We'll see what kind of response people have.

You can check out the mediation agreement for yourself. We've put a link to it on You can also go to and see if for yourself if you.

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