Do residents have a right to know where convicted murderers live? -

Do residents have a right to know where convicted murderers live?

 (KMOV)-- News 4 tried to get an exact address for Kurt Perkins who's been paroled for a 1985 murder.  We were told that information is not public record.

This goes beyond one case. It has at least one lawmaker wondering if the state is doing more to protect criminals or innocent citizens.
It's been reported that Kurt Perkins is living in O’Fallon, MO with his parents. The neighbors were not alerted. 
Mike Mamelian feels like his neighbors have a right to know. So does state rep Cynthia Davis, especially when someone with a violent past moves in.
”You may not want to get into an argument with your neighbor about their dog pooping on your lawn if you know he has anger issues that sent him to prison,” she said.
Police told News 4 Perkins beat his elderly victim to death then stole cash and a gun. In 2005 the parole board decided to let him go. He got out Wednesday.
News 4 called the parole office. We were told information about Perkins was listed on the department of corrections website. We couldn't find it. News 4 emailed a corrections spokesperson and asked how someone can find out if a convicted murderer lives next door. Their response was they can’t.
The neighbor we spoke with said he doesn't have a problem with Perkins in his neighborhood as long as he's rehabilitated. But still feels like he should know, just like any of the neighbors.
News 4 left a message with Perkins family, we have not heard back from Perkins himself.
Should the state inform residents when a convicted killer is released and moves into their neighborhood? Take our poll on the right-hand side!!



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