Governor French Academy avoids bankruptcy after being scammed -

Governor French Academy avoids bankruptcy after being scammed

A story I've been following for six months appears to have a satisfactory ending.  Can't really say happy ending.  Yes, the Governor French Academy, founded in 1983, won't be closing anytime soon.  That was a real possibility last September after the headmaster learned he was the victim of a copier scam.  But getting out of that jam was costly.

A guy out of Sparta, IL leased the school a copy machine.  Without the school knowing, the guy put the school's name on six other copy machine leases.  After the guy stopped paying the bills, the school started getting them... $500,000 worth.  Whoa.

This also happened to Senior Centers in Washington and Clinton Counties. 

The Governor French Academy was sued by these copy machine leasing companies.  They settled out of court and the lawsuits were dropped.  The headmaster says he can't say what the school paid but it was way less than the half-million dollars, but still very expensive.

A civil trial is scheduled to start in St. Clair County Tuesday against the guy.  The reason I just call him "the guy" is since he hasn't been charged with a crime, I'm not comfortable using his name in my news stories and blog.

The Governor French Academy headmaster doesn't expect to get a dime out of the guy but wants to get a judgment against him so everyone in this area will know what he's done.  I will gladly put his name out there at that point.


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