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Opinion: 2010 Rams need touch of Greatest Show on Turf era

The 2010 Rams are going to be a team that needs some help in the PR and Marketing department.  Most likely they will not be a playoff team and the town is not exactly fired up about the team or the franchise, so it is going to be an uphill battle.

One thing that I believe can help is for the Rams to look to their past to help improve their future. The 2010 St. Louis Rams need to draw from the Greatest Show on Turf era to make 2010 a better season.

The first thing that the Rams need to do, if it can be worked out, is to bring back Isaac Bruce back to become the new wide receivers coach.  The Rams have the opening, Bruce has shown interest in coming back to the franchise and Bruce has shown an interest in coaching.

It makes a ton of sense as long as Bruce wants to put in the hours to be a great coach and I believe that he does.  If he is willing to do that then Steve Spagnuolo should be sprinting to the phone to get Bruce in here.

During his final days in San Francisco everyone out in the Bay area was so adamant on what a great help he was to that young receiving corps.  It is not only smart from a coaching standpoint but it makes sense from a PR and marketing standpoint.

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