One of the most unusual cases remains unsolved -

One of the most unusual cases remains unsolved

One year ago we met with the Bunn family at the Belleville police department.  They were going before the cameras and microphones of the media to ask for the public's help.  Someone had killed their father/grandfather and the police were looking for leads.

In January, 2009, Robert Bunn, Sr., was shot in the head during a home invasion but, incredible as it sounds, he didn't realize it.  He thought he'd been struck on the head with some re-bar or a pipe.  But he was shot just above his eye.  Five days later he died.  When the autopsy was performed a bullet was discovered in Bunn's head.  A police officer called it one of the most unusual cases he'd ever come across.

The family thought a killer would be caught.  But here we are in 2010 and police say the case has gone cold.  They've run down all their leads and nothing has led them to a suspect..

We sat down with the Bunn family again today.  They tell us that Robert Bunn was quite a character.  A man with opinions who was not shy about sharing them.  A guy who was the life of the party.  A grandfather who hid special treats for each of his grandkids around the house.  One of the granddaughters put together a video for a class project on how much she missed her grandfather.  The family now visits Bunn at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.

The thief who shot Bunn got away with some cash.  Fifteen dollars.

Crimestoppers number is 866-371-TIPS

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