Opening of CVS Pharmacies bringing more competition -

Opening of CVS Pharmacies bringing more competition

(KMOV) - The Missouri side of the Mississippi River is getting a lot more crowded when it comes to drug store chains.

Just this week, CVS Pharmacies opened 4 stores, with plans to expand even more before 2010 is done.
Aisles at the new CVS stores are crowded, as there are monster deals everywhere to draw in the customers. With free rewards card customers can earn the equivalent of cash back to spend on your next trip.

The new CVS stores are open 24 hours a day, meaning direct competition with pharmacy giant Walgreens. A spokesman for Walgreen's says CVS will not affect their plans and that Walgreens was already planning to start selling beer and wine again this spring, which CVS offers.

For all the talk, though, about compettion between CVS and Walgreens, an expert on the industry says it has nothing to do with either of those companies. It's about competing with Wal-mart.

In his classroom at Washington University, Dr. Glenn Macdonald charts it all out. He says CVS and Walgreens want to be so convenient, you won't drive to Walmart where prices are cheaper.

"CVS is coming in to compete even more. All we're going to get is lower prices, more variety, more quality, and of course, more convenience. All good for consumers," Dr. Macdonald says.

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